Exit Buyer Support

TREE firmly believes that great customer experiences produce great business results.

Those who earn passionate customer advocates by delivering an experience competitors can’t match is how companies lead their industries in profitable organic growth.

FuelBank is dedicated to ensure that its Exit Buyers' needs are completely addressed and thoroughly satisfied by providing the discounts and shipping / logistics available to the buyer based on exit destinations planned and port logistics. We believe that the core fundamentals of great service remain the same, no matter the industry and that our customers must always feel recognized, heard and valued. With customers increasing their expectations, all progressive companies implement new technologies that serve these traditional imperatives and grow with customers' expectations.

Experienced trading specialists will support your passion for fuel trading.
Trading Specialists

Talk to our Traders, one-on-one as you get real-time trade metrics, with pricing analysis, logistics & vessel options on terms & long-term supply chain solutions for a variety of fuel stocks and biofuels

Trade Support

From the moment our Buyer passes compliance, the FuelBank Trade Desk will appoint an account executive to manage the Buyer's trade and ensure a totally smooth transition > order to delivery

Talk to our Traders, one-on-one. get real-time trade metrics, pricing analysis, logistics and options on terms & long-term supply chain solutions

Trade Desk

Our Trade Desk is structured to support all of our trading activities - from discounted product via bulk supply chain coordination, to small vessel chartering and trade contract execution

Whether you are independent or an institutional trader, our seasoned traders can review your trading needs and strategies, provide pricing and decision support, and show you options that fit your goal for trade execution.

Talk to our Traders, one-on-one. get real-time trade metrics, pricing analysis, logistics and options on terms & long-term supply chain solutions

FuelBank App

Automating today's fuel trade experience is the next vital revolutionary step in physical fuel trading, which certainly would allow the trader better access to real-time data on trade tickets and contracts

Access seasoned trade professionals for your specialized physical trading needs.

Physical Trading Specialists


Our dedicated trading support teams are ready to help you:

  • Evaluate and implement strategies;

  • Evaluate risk/reward of specific fuel trades;

  • Build and place complex orders - fuel type, quantity, discounted pricing, storage & logistics

Global Trading Specialists


Tap into an experienced Global Trading support team who can:

  • Talk about your international trading choices and provide guidance on how to diversify;

  • Assist in placing trades in more than 40 international markets;

  • Help you understand tax and fee implications